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Weekly "fylla" Showbiz`n Beyond, No.67 / 2008


McGod on stage in the National Theatre 2008

By Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo
Publicity that preceded the event was disappointing; the auditorium was not filled to capacity, and the order of performance was not the best but patrons that thronged the National Theatre to witness the second edition of the Burger Highlife concert organized by the Goethe Institute, had their monies worth.
Every attendant after watching such an exhilarating show attested to the diffenrence between music and noise, sound and nuisance and the difference between lyrics and garbage. Ben Brako, Charles Amoah, Pat Thomas, Lee Duodo, McGod, George Darko and Bob Fiscian on keyboards serenaded the audience with ear-pleasing music that sounds fresh and of good quality even after several years of their releases.......

......The surprise of the night came through McGod. McGod put up a classy performance like he did last year and he won many admirers. Some people were surprised that most of the popular tunes were attributed to McGod. "Is he the person who played that song?" was the question from one attendant as McGod danced and played the popular "highlife agogo"..........