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Album "Taste me"

Released Albums + Award

McGod released 3 LP-albums and 1 MC-album:

The three LP-albums were published by "African Music", Günter Gretz, Frankfurt, the rights are still with McGod:

"Taste me"
"Hilife agogo" (Listen to it at : TV and Radio !)

The MC-album "Okwaadonto" has been published by McGod himself.

Album "Taste me" The Mirror wrote on March, 29th, 1986: MARK Gilbert Oduro Dokyi - (McGOD) must be a very confident young man. On his maiden album TASTE ME released in Germany in 1983, he invites listeners to put t...

Album "Hi-life agogo" ............ In Ghana we may recall "Si si si" a near hit on his first LP - `Taste Me recorded and waxed in Nigeria and later reproduced for distribution in Europe. His second LP has just been rel...

Album "Kenken" side a 1 kenken 2 adonko 3 zulu soca sde b 1 a. 25 is more than 5 1 b. 25 is more than 5 - dub 2 mmobrowa all lyrics by mc god all titles composed and arranged by mc god except zulu soca by kolb...

Album "Okwaadonto" Side A Okwaadonto (Wadaa-da) Teacher Asoantie Side B Hi-life ago-go Why? Ago-go (DUB) All songs written, composed, arranged and produced by Mcgod Special Thanks to Brother musicians Tommy Dazi ...

ECRAG Musician Award 1993, Ghana The ENTERTAINMENT CRITICS & REVIEWERS ASSOCIATION OF GHANA (ECRAG) Awards the prize of Music (Consistency) to Mc God Citation Given this 5th day of March 1994