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The Examiner, 1994/02/14-28

The Okwaadonto Magic

Just mention the name `Mcgod´ and music lovers will refresh you with singing-phrases like „Okwaadonto„, Kenken, High Life Agogo and others yet to come.
The sing phrases of course, are titles for some of the albums recorded in Ghana, Nigeria and Germany. Music lovers say they are not surprised that his performing group had its name through some of his creation, „the Agogo Band„.
Mark Gilbert Oduro Dokyi is his full name, and known in musical circles as ´Mcgod`. An abbreviation of his name has carved a niche for himself as a song writer, arranger and producer.
His musical debut began in a humble beginning about fourteen years ago, is enough to prove that there is more under his sleeves.
But Mcgod, making good sales progress of his latest album „Okwaadonto„ released about four months ago, says he has a message to convey to his fans.
The message which he said would come out of his songs, would enhance the promotion og Ghanaian ´high life´, and will use his musical medium to discuss certain societal issues.
Whe he was asked to explain the meaning behind the „Okwaadonto„ label, he said „too much of everything is bad. We got to be punctual with our attitudes towards work, spend less time in idlying talk, and do it„.
If problems facing musicians are anything to go by, then Mcgod´s assertion that it takes years to grow to be developed as a musician is not like looking at it on the angle of creativity.
Although, his musical recordings have won him an ECRAG award for being consistent after the release of „Okwaadonto„ album, he still believes that he hasn´t done enough.
Despite the works of Ghanaian musicians both at home and abroad, recent indications in the musical industry, show that proper attention is not being accorded them.
Problems coupled with piracy, exploitation of musicians by producers and lack of assistance to achieve more progress appears to be the cause of musicians not making enough.
Although Mcgod is aware of all these hitches, in his musical career, he says he is not disturbed. His ambitions, he told the Examiner are to „continue to express his ideas through the art of music„.
But if Mcgod says a lot have been achieved in terms of success for musicians, and very little has been done in other areas for far more better results, then it may look like all is not well.