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Album "Taste me"

side a - highlife side

1 akwantufo

(experiences of travellers)
2 si si si in c key
(an african folk song)
3 mr. dj
(play me some sounds, `cause i have been so lonely all day and night long)

side b - afro reggae side

1 bar beach show
(talking to the dangerous men on the streets, the broken bottle man and mr. gunman)
2 the freedom joint
(my dream of a world i would like and love to live in)
3 no time to waste
(wake up now and strike ahead)

The Mirror, Ghana, wrote on March 29th, 1986:

MARK Gilbert Oduro Dokyi - (McGOD) must be a very confident young man. On his maiden album TASTE ME released in Germany in 1983, he invites listeners to put the musik on their tongues "swallow me, if I am tasteful make me yours, spit me out if I am bitter".