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Jive, Ghana / Mar.12 - Mar. 18, 2008

Smoke- bubbles & untouchable burger highlife......

McGod on stage 3/8/2008

Burger Highlife just earned itself an untouchable status courtesy of the old royals. Those guys have booked their place in the genre´s hall of fame- oh we don´t even have one. All the same, if you are over forty and grey- and you can perform like a 22-year old- it´s either steroids or some barbiturate making you hyperactive. But all seven performers couldn´t have been high on the same drug. That´s too much of an uncomfortable coincidence to deal with.
Burger Highlife Made in Germany 2 gave off the best performance to date. Last year´s was very good but there was something about this concert that made all the difference; the crowd caught what must have been an intensive head rush- going through all those retro hits back to back......

......McGod had a wonderful set, performing four old hits with so much energy and animation people questioned his age. McGod came on looking like he fell out of Project Runway- sporting a militia cap with a scarf underneath, an almost tight looking shirt and white pants. He´s not as bad a dancer as Ben Brako so he didn´t have to work too hard at his steps. Opening with "Wu Ye Bue" and following through with the cuts that tookeverybody back into time. At the time, GBC radio was all we had and the rotation wasn´t as mean and segregated.
The auditorium had become a time capsule, transporting the crowd back and forth in time with amazing Burger Highlife.........
.....The guys at Goethe Institute must be feeling good about themselves by now. Minus the 30-minute late start, they did a fantastic job organizing the concert and shutting it down before midnight.
That was cool.