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The Mirror 1986/04/19



By Nanabanyin Dadson:
SINCE Mark Gilbert Oduro Dokyi (McGOD) arrived back from West Germany where he´s been living for sometime now, many music enthusiasts who knew him in Ghana have been anxious to see him go on stage to do a live show.

The reason for their anxiety stems from pleasant memories of those days when McGOD was a master of the stage. "That´s a real showbusiness man who used to put out a lot of good entertainment", one middle-aged man observed.
Well, the good news is that McGOD will soon oblige with a series of live gigs in Accra. At the moment, a back-up group is being put together to rehearse songs on his two albums - TASTE ME (1983) and HI-LIF AGO-GO (1986).
Currently the HI-LIFE AGO-GO album has been the toast of many highlife fans. McGOD seems to have suddenly become the spirit of every good party in town. The title track sets the the party mood as it entices listeners onto the dance floor with a good arrangement of keyboards, guitar, and horns. And then McGOD himself offers the required encouragement for the coy ones by giving first lessons in highlife dancing.
For the past few days the track FIRE has been pushing its way to become the favourite of listeners of radio. Request programmes are never complete without it. It is another beautiful song but what really seems to make it so popular is the reminder the song gives about the havoc of fires - a subject that many people in Ghana have been made aware of through bushfires.
The other highlife song Alomo has been overshadowed by the other tracks but nevertheless can stand on its own.
"The old highlife of the early days (ago) is still going strong and will be with us in the future (go!)" That´s how McGOD explains the album title Highlife Ago-go.