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Lumba Brothers together again
Posted on: 26-Apr-2007

Email Print Despite it being said and re-said several times over that the Lumba Brothers -Nana Acheampong and Daddy Lumba- would perform together at the Burger highlife concert at the National Theatre last Saturday, many still doubted if it would happen.

The duo had not been seen together for a long time though music fans still have fond memories of the hits they made together in the 1990s.

Expected1y,the first song they rendered after a rapturous welcome onto the stage was Yereye Aka Akwantuo Mu. It was familiar to many in the audience and they liberally helped them to it.

They then presented Anka Ebeye Den, Biibi Gyegye Wo and Aben Woha before telling the audience to expect a new album from them soon.

Perhaps just seeing the prolific pair appear again as the Lumba Brothers was the only reason for the excitement about them. They didn't seem to have rehearsed any act for the show as they kept whispering to each other and frequently walking towards the instrumentalists, thus turning their backs to the audience.

Their biggest following is apparently in Kumasi and it would serve their own interests well if they, maybe together with the event director, strategize something more stirring for the fans there.

The Accra concert had been on the drawing board for several months and no one seemed more relieved about it eventually coming off than the Goethe-Institut director, Eleonore Sylla.

She was a bundle of excitement in her 'party dress' as she welcomed the audience and extolled the Ghanaian-German musical co-operation being celebrated on the night.

The Dance Factory opened proceedings with choreographed movements to snippets of the music to be presented for the night.

Masan Aba brought Akyeame to the limelight abqut eight years ago and that was the only song delivered at the event.

Bob Fiscian is one of the finest keyboard players from this country but he could hardly be heard when he came on with singer McGod. One had to strain, if interested at all to catch the nice phrases he was playing. McGod himself had a swell of a time on stage with his 'old time' steps and managed to get a section of the audience to sing along with him on Adonko and Hilife Agogo.

Pony-tailed Charles Amoah has been knee-deep in the organization of the concert but he found time to wear his musician hat for five songs including Odo Asem and Sesa Wo Suban.'

George Darko actually propelled the evening's fare more directly towards higblife. He swapped the carpet band for his own collection of musicians, prominently featuring German,Thomas 'Kwame Ayite' Woernle on violin.

Lee Dodou, the lead singer on his Akoo Te Brofo track, is the real 'voice' of Burger higlife and it was in order that Darko dedicated one of the eight songs he played to him.

Good old Pat Thomas looked trim and smart on the night. If George Darko started veering the evening more towards highlife, he steered things home with striaght highlife pieces like Masan Aba, Megyedzi So, among others.

Source: Graphic Showbiz