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Director of Goethe Institut, Eleonore Sylla [lady], Ace Ghanaian Musician MCGod [brown shirt]

Burger Highlife Celebration Climaxes
Posted on: 20-May-2007

The collaboration of German musicians, producers and Ghana Musicians in creating a cross-over music style from highlife songs, disco and funk, was last Wednesday climaxed with a performance by some highlife artistes.

The musical concert which took place at the Goethe Institut in Accra was to thank all artistes, musicians, sponsors and the whole team for their participation, support and hard work towards and during the celebration.

Some artistes of highlife, otherwise known as burger highlife, such as Charles Amoah, Mc God, Pat Thomas and the famous keyboardist, Bob Fiscian, were there to render a splendid performance by way of saying thanks to all participants.

Food and drinks were in stock for participants to enjoy themselves to the fullest, and people were there in their numbers to grace the occasion.

In an address by the director of Goethe Institut, Eleonore Sylla thanked all for their participation and contributing to the successful celebration of burger high life.

According to her, the cross-cultural fertilisation bore all the marks of a fruitful co-operation between nations, as people from different cultural backgrounds came together to exchange thoughts, ideas and hopes, and by doing so, created something new and exciting that had an instant appeal and lasting impact.

“We are proud to have used burger highlife to celebrate Ghanaian- German cooperation because it shows us how wonderful and inspiring inter-cultural cooperation could be.”

She thanked participants of the project, the German Foreign Affairs office in Berlin, Sponsors, Producers, and all Partners, including the audience for their participation in the Ghana@50 burger highlife show.