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Weekly Spectator, 1995/03/11

McGod And Friends At Ada

Mc God - a musician and a film star

By Baba Abdulai:
Mc God, Mr. Okwadonto, is back again. He performs every weekend with his group The Friends, at Paradise Beach Hotel at Ada in the Greater Accra Region.

After receiving an ECRAG award last year, I didn´t see Mc God again until last week I bumped into him in town.

He told me that ever since he came back from his sojourn in Germany he´s been performing at the Paradise Beach Hotel, adding that they´re known as Mc God and Friends.

Playing mainly for tourists, Mc God said they play tunes of „yesteryear„ and songs from his repertoire.

„We mainly play songs of people like James Brown, Otis Redding and Little Richards„ he told me, adding that it is so because of the composition of the hotel´s clientele.

Playing just about forty meters from the banks of the Volta River, patrons are delighted with sweet music and the fair breeze that blows from the sea which isn´t far away.

If you are thinking of having a good time this weekend, and any other weekend, then make a date with Mc God and Friends who will play for you songs like „Mr. Okwandoto„, „25 is mor than 5„, „Woye Bue, Woye Kenken„, and the massive hit single „Highlife Agogo„.