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Weekly Spectator, 1992/11/21

Mcgod Is Back

By Enimil Ashon:
MCGOD is kicking, and still making music. I stopped him in traffic this week and invited him.

The man was supposed to be in Germany but I bumped into him in traffic. "I have come home - for good, brother", he declared. According to him, "Europe is good, it gives you what you want if you work hard. But I am finding it difficult to exchange a life of freedom and dignity at home for the comfort in indignity in Europe."
So he´s home: the maker of "Highlife Agogo" and "Woye Buei, Woye Kenken" is back home - with a container-full of music equipment.
"I´ve been studying the Ghanaian scene for some time and indications are that live band performances are coming back. So I´m back. I´m on the train.".
Soon, Mcgod hopes to announce a formation of his band - "based on a new concept of hand ownership that allows everybody to create". In the mean time, he is putting together a place where the band can rehearse without inconvenience to anybody.
So no more Europe? "I will be going from time to time but strictly for tours. As a matter of fact, the Europeans love you better when you present yourself to them as home-made, better than an African made in Europe. They want to hear African music coming from Africa.