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Mc God Resurfaces

After a long break from the music arena, Mc God is seriously working on his albums, Mc God 1, 2 and 3 which he said would be out soon.

Even though he could not disclose to Beatwaves when exactly they would be, he boasted of their phenomenal qualities.
Mc God, one of the great gurus in Burger highlife, is a composer, singer and producer who produces his own songs.

When Beatwaves caught up with him at the Goethe Institut to know more about his personality and the explanation for his long absence from the music scene, Mc God included a gist of why he was back home in Ghana.

“I am in to celebrate the 50th anniversary and work on my new album which I will want to release this year,” he announced.
The German - based artiste has been a professional musician since 1972 and started his career, singing and playing drums in night clubs to make a living.

In 1978, he started releasing his own compositions and produced his first album, “Taste Me” in Nigeria which became a hit in Ghana and Nigeria.

He then went to Frantfurt, Germany in 1984 where he met Gunther Gretz, the famous German producer, and worked with him.
He has since produced seven albums.

Over the next 15 years, Mc God shuttled between Germany and Ghana to produce and distribute his albums.

He won the 1993 ECRAG Music Awards in Ghana for his album “Okwaadonko”.

On piracy in the country, he said it could not be controlled, as some go on the internet to download the songs, whilst others record from a piece.

According to him, the Music Industry in the country was a mafia business which one needed bravery to survive.
To him, there was a big difference in sale of songs in Ghana, compared to the international market.

Having been absent from the music scene for a long time, Mc God said he had resurfaced with an extensive repertoire of highlife for his fans.

Expatiating on how different his album would be from his competitors’, he said, “I have a strong belief in the importance of embracing new technologies, marrying highlife and my music, and I will make sure it’s unique.”

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