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Public Opinion, 1993/10/12-18

Mcgod on "Okwaadonto"

By Eva Awumey:
McGOD, the Ghanaian musician based in Armsterdam whose hit album ´Highlife Ago-go´ became GBC Radio D.J`s slogan for their `Highlife Time´ programme on air, has come out with another hit, "Okwaadonto".
The musician whose name sounds a bit strange in the Ghanaian´s ear, says his name on his works is an anonym of his full name.
His known in private life as Mark Gilbert Oduro Dokyi, and out of it the name Mcgod was formed.
According to him his latest release which happens to be his fourth album is meant to shake the lazy ones in society to sit up to their responsibility.
McGod who entered the showbiz in 1972 said he started by playing in night clubs in high standard hotels on the West Coast of Africa with his band.
In a comment on his work, he said he wants a high standard in highlife so that his works could go to the international market. It is also his fervent wish that other Ghanaian musician would have such a dream.
Sccording to him his works are always classified highlife. He sings all his reggae music in English because we want it on the international market.
His latest album "okwaadonto" has three tracks on Side A, "Okwaadonto", "Teacher" and "Asoantie".
"Teacher" is a tune with lyrics showing appreciation about the tiredness and personally forming and immage building work of teachers. I believe teachers would go for his album.
The tune is very interesting and one can´t help taking to the floor with the dancing shoes on.
The flip side has highlife Ago-go, Why, and Ago-go (DUB).
Highlife Ago-go is a very popular tune and GBC Radio D.J´s couldn´t help adopting it as the title for their highlife sessions.
Mcgod composes, arranges, and produces his own musical works. Responding to a question, he said "I produce my own work because of inconveniences in the music business."
He aims at making his works international and has geared his work towards `burger´ music, and he has big dreams to fulfil.
His debut album was "Taste me", followed by "highlife Ago-go", then "kenken". Okwaadonto is bound to be a hit on the Ghanaian music scene.