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KENKEN - mcgod + the peoples band

side a
1 "kenken"
2 "adonko"
3 "zulu soca"

sde b
1 a.
"25 is more than 5"
A contributive song to the fall of apartheid in the South Africa of 30 million population, 5 million "was" more than 25 million!
1 b.
"25 is more than 5 - dub"

all lyrics by mc god
all titles composed and arranged by mc god except
zulu soca by kolb, aumüller, mc god

mc god, vocals, drums and percussions
bob fiscian, keyboards, synthys, emulator, dx 7, drumms and percussions
michael larty, lead and rhythm guitars, backing
dieter kolb, guitars, keyboards and sythys on
zulu soca
gary gordon, rhythm guitar on mmobrowa
berliner horn assemble, arranged by mc god, directed
ba bob fiscian
apala singers lagos, backing vocals on zulu soca
steffi, backing vocals on side b

recorded and mixed at the sound factory berlin
recording engineer: gary gordon
mixed by gary gordon and mc god
zulu soca was recorded at wunderwerke, wächtersbach
by dieter kolb and mixed by gary gordon and mc god
at tonstudion berlin

cover design: franz aumüller
photograph: joachim lützow

produced by mc god for african music

african music
günter gretz d-6000 frankfurt 90 danaschkeanger 51 tel. 069/769163

today, through hi-life and reggae, mc god`s name has become a household word in west africa and his music is enjoyed throughout the length and breadth of africa and to the far wings of the european market. beginning mainly as a hi-life musician, his versaltity made the inclusion of reggae a matter of course. his rhythm is irresistible and even the shy ones cannot help but make movements to the tunes.

in both hi-life and reggae his success has been remarkable. mc god does not only bewitch his listeners with his irresistible rhythm, he also inspires them with his message. his music has thus become a channel for the dessemination of his socio-political ideas, his philosophy and his reactions to his environment. the texts which thunder out his rhythms are full of sentimental experiences: the hi-life ago-go, a track on his second lp which has won the heart of hi-life fans both in africa and europe; the palanquin, the fire, the brand new chain - tunes of reaction to exploitation, an aversion to social and racial injustice in african society.

now mc god proudly comes out with the third lp: kenken; apprciation of labour. wo ye buei wo ye kenken, 25 is more than 5; we keep on fighting till the shackles of apartheid are totally broken. since mc god`s music appeals to many interests, he defies cultural barriers. since the african culture is beginning to loose it`s strangeness to the european public, there is every hope that the impact which mc god has made with his music will touch the european public more and more. eye kenken all the way!

dr. george amoa oduro

the beautiful sun will always shine on those who water a sown seed towards gemination. thanks go to: beatrix göhler-dokyi, friedrich brehm, franz aumüller, the musicians and the technician: mo ye kenken

mc god