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Burger Highlife musicians in concert March 8, 2008

The auditorium of the National Theatre in Accra on Saturday March 8 reverberated with sounds, beats and rhythms of Burger Highlife when a number of well-known highlife musicians of the 80s and 90s displayed their skills in another historic concert.
Titled “Made in Germany II”, the concert featured some of Ghana’s top musicians who created the unique style of fusing highlife with disco and funk culminating in a nice blend of Ghanaian and German music.
The show presented giants of Burger Highlife such as the evergreen George Darko, a genius on the guitar, Pat Thomas, the golden-voiced man and Lee Duodu, one of the originators of Burger Highlife and certainly one of the finest voices in Highlife.
Others were Charles Amoah, with his amazing dance steps and the 2007 discovery McGod. Also had been witnessed at the show the music of Ben Brako and the jazz version of the genre created by accomplished keyboardist Bob Fiscian. All the musicians had been backed by the SYSTHM band, directed by guitarist/technician Zapp Mallet.
A distinctive form of highlife laced with contemporary sensitivities, Burger Highlife continued to enjoy compliments in Ghana following the successful and memorable “Made in Germany I”, also held at the National Theatre in 2007 as part of Ghana’s Golden Jubilee celebrations.
The programme was presented by the Goethe-Institut as its contribution to Ghana’s 51st Independence Day celebrations. It has been produced by World Rhythms and supported by Lufthansa and the National Theatre of Ghana, with GTV, Citi FM, Channel R, Weekly Fyllla and Ghana as media partners.

Made in Germany II - Burger Highlife Konzert

Lee Dodou, Ben Brako, George Darko, Bob Fiscian, Pat Thomas, McGod and Charles Amoah
Das Live-Konzert fand statt am Samstag, 08. März 2008, 20:00 Uhr im National Theaterin Accra.
Als Beitrag zum diesjährigen Nationalfeiertag organisierte das Goethe-Institut zum zweiten Mal ein Burger Highlife Festival und holte so die Atmosphäre des Burger Highlife, die Sounds und Ideen einer lebendigen Subkultur, zurück. Made in Germany II präsentierte dem Publikum beliebte Künstler, die lange nicht mehr in Ghana auf der Bühne standen. Unter ihnen waren prominente Persönlichkeiten wie Lee Dodou, einer der Gründer des Burger Highlife und eine der besten Stimmen im Highlife, und Ben Brako, dem nachgesagt wird, er habe die Lücken zwischen Burger Highlife und dem jungen Publikum geschlossen.

Die Show hat die Größen des Burger Highlife präsentiert, den bekannten George Darko , ein Genie an der Gitarre, Pat Thomas , die goldene Stimme, Lee Dodou, Charles Amoah mit seinen unglaublichen Tanzschritten, die Entdeckung des Jahres 2007 McGod, sowie Stile, die aus Burger Highlife hervorgingen wie die Musik von Ben Brako und die Jazzversion des Genre, erschaffen vom begnadeten Keyboarder Bob Fiscian. Alle Künstler wurden unterstützt von der Band SYSTHM, die Leitung lag bei Zapp Mallet .

Sehen Sie sich einmal die website des Goethe-Instituts in Ghana an! Hier finden Sie alles über "Burger-Highlife", Portraits über die Sänger und Musiker, "sound-bites" und videoclips - darunter auch von und über McGod..... website Goethe-Institut Ghana

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Revival of Burger Highlife in Ghana 2007

The Goethe–Institut together with its Ghanaian partners presented last year, in 2007:
“Made in Germany” - A Celebration of Burger Highlife
This event was the German contribution to the Golden Jubilee Year. It traced back the origins of Burger Highlife in Germany and Ghana and looked at ways in which the two cultures influenced each other to create this music and how its style still continues to influence Ghanaian music.
“Made in Germany” brought back the era and flavor of the Burger Highlife; the sounds, ideas and subculture, with lectures, master classes and a concert at the National Theatre of Ghana.
During the late 70’s, early 80’s, there was a massive exodus of Ghanaians to foreign lands. One of the countries that attracted Ghanaians was Germany, with many making the cities of Berlin, Duesseldorf and Hamburg their second home. Burger Highlife was born when Ghanaian musicians in Germany created a crossover music style from highlife, disco and funk music and is a result of the enrichment and cultural cross fertilization that occurs during cultural encounters. Burger Highlife had an instant appeal in Ghana and in the Ghanaian and other communities worldwide, creating a subculture with its own fashion and way of life. Some of the pioneers of Burger Highlife are George Darko, Lee Duodu, Rex Gyamfi, McGod and Charles Amoah, just to mention a few with hits like “Akoo ti brofo” and others.

Burger Highlife Celebration Climaxes
Posted on: 20-May-2007

The collaboration of German musicians, producers and Ghana Musicians in creating a cross-over music style from highlife songs, disco and funk, was last Wednesday climaxed with a performance by some highlife artistes.

The musical concert which took place at the Goethe Institut in Accra was to thank all artistes, musicians, sponsors and the whole team for their participation, support and hard work towards and during the celebration.

Some artistes of highlife, otherwise known as burger highlife, such as Charles Amoah, Mc God, Pat Thomas and the famous keyboardist, Bob Fiscian, were there to render a splendid performance by way of saying thanks to all participants.

Food and drinks were in stock for participants to enjoy themselves to the fullest, and people were there in their numbers to grace the occasion.

In an address by the director of Goethe Institut, Eleonore Sylla thanked all for their participation and contributing to the successful celebration of burger high life.

According to her, the cross-cultural fertilisation bore all the marks of a fruitful co-operation between nations, as people from different cultural backgrounds came together to exchange thoughts, ideas and hopes, and by doing so, created something new and exciting that had an instant appeal and lasting impact.

“We are proud to have used burger highlife to celebrate Ghanaian- German cooperation because it shows us how wonderful and inspiring inter-cultural cooperation could be.”

She thanked participants of the project, the German Foreign Affairs office in Berlin, Sponsors, Producers, and all Partners, including the audience for their participation in the Ghana@50 burger highlife show.

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Media 2008

Media 2007 After a long break from the music arena, Mc God is seriously working on his albums, Mc God 1, 2 and 3 which he said would be out soon.Even though he could not disclose to Beatwaves when exactly they would be, he boasted of their phenomenal qualities. Mc God, one of the great gurus in Burger highlife, is a composer, singer and producer who produces his own songs.

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